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Liosha 26-6-06

Poem in Spanish

Liosha 26-6-06

Feel free to download the poem in pdf format for free. I hope you enjoy it. 

All I ask in exchange is for you to respect the license under which I've published it: Creative Commons Non-Derivative. This means you're allowed to re-distribute it, without changing its content and mentioning its (my) authorship.

Thank you for downloading it. If you wish to make a voluntary donation to support my art, please follow the link on the main menu.

I can't recall when I wrote this. I lived in Vienna in 2006, the first time I really fell in love, the first time I got my heart really broken… It hurt. Especially cause I couldn’t understand. Now I look back and I smile at my naiveness, but back then it really left me down. And I wrote this poem that brings me tenderly to there.

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