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Lo eres

Poem in Spanish

Lo eres

Feel free to download the poem in pdf format for free. I hope you enjoy it. 

All I ask in exchange is for you to respect the license under which I've published it: Creative Commons Non-Derivative. This means you're allowed to re-distribute it, without changing its content and mentioning its (my) authorship.

Thank you for downloading it. If you wish to make a voluntary donation to support my art, please follow the link on the main menu.

Circa 2010. Rage, pain, doubt, yearning and hope. These are some of your friends when you don’t know your father, although you might, and if you could… then you have the whole thing messed up. This is one of my mostly “mine” poems, more for me and with less beautiful words sought, from those I’ve written. It’s dedicated to him, although he’ll never read it.

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