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Y no sopla esta tarde viento en el lago

Poem in Spanish

Y no sopla esta tarde viento en el lago

Feel free to download the poem in pdf format for free. I hope you enjoy it. 

All I ask in exchange is for you to respect the license under which I've published it: Creative Commons Non-Derivative. This means you're allowed to re-distribute it, without changing its content and mentioning its (my) authorship.

Thank you for downloading it. If you wish to make a voluntary donation to support my art, please follow the link on the main menu.

Madrid 2012. The image for today is for sure the good shepherd: I felt very loved, protected, guided and helped. I was a tender lamb who is able to overcome his fears and find the way again thanks to the one who takes care of him. The lamb image isn’t actually new, there was already someone who applied it to me -though ironically. One day I felt like writing this naive, clean poem to that someone, and I’m sharing it now…

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