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I don’t remember being touched by a Sci-Fi movie ever before. Tonight I must bow and kneel in front of Spike Jonze for his absolutely delicious film called Her. So many good things in it: the music, the camera work, the acting… But the one thing that is really mind blowing is the script. Thanks for that. And congratulations.

A world where technology is so powerful that people just don’t need to interact between them; where each person gets the delusion that they're the center of the world and turn selfish; where minds are so open that any kind of relationship is not only possible but also accepted… That’s not only Sci-Fi, that’s a raw projection of the world today -if not where we currently, towards where we’re progressing. How long until our social network contacts stop being community managers -already a delusion, to become software-controlled?

That said, the way in which the movie treats “different” partnership possibilities or polyamory is incredibly smart and beautiful. Really genius. Really moving. I'm going to bed thinking about my ability to love, my desire to love, the way I do love my relatives and friends and I do miss loving someone at a deeper level -as much as I’m afraid of it. Please, don’t miss Her if you have any feelings inside!

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