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I would've loved to be born a woman.

Except for the period, of course.

And it would also be shit to be held suspicious when applying for a job just because I could want to get pregnant. Or to be considered less, and paid less than my male colleagues for exactly the same job. Or to constantly have a Damocles sword over my head, to be below size 40. Or to be sexually harassed by my bosses, at the same time that society bombards me with incoherent messages ( “if you don’t want to have sex with men, you’re a bitch” + “if you happily have sex with men you’re an ever bigger bitch”).

Or to have less rights than men, to be even possessed by men in many countries for religious or traditional reasons. Or to even be unable to enjoy sex for my life because someone thought it would make MY life better.

Yes, being a woman in 2014 is wonderful. Obviously we haven’t progressed enough, and we still need to use all the room we have to grow in that direction.

This is why today I wear proudly this T-shirt I love, with the bottom line of Sojourner Truth‘s most famous speech on women rights.

Musically, I don’t think there is a better song to depict this feelings than Nina Simone‘s Four Women:

You are awesome, women. You deserve all our respect and support. Count on me.

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