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Today, Alice Zawadzki (voice), Pete Lee (keyboard) and Joe Stoddart (bass) made me enjoy my shift as ever. Maybe you turn the radio on to clean the house or while you’re driving. I got a jazz trio to move my champagne tray around. Having decent music is always appreciated, but this wasn’t just decent. It was amazing! They made me sing and move to their tunes, I smiled and acknowledged the wonder of their performance. Under Alice’s direction, Pete and Joe provided stylish grooves and tasteful solos, the three musicians melted their expertise to produce the softest duvet to get covered by. Either playing jazz standards, soul covers or Christmas carols, they excelled in their results and refreshed the thrill that I experience listening to good jazz.

Featured picture from Alice’s webpage. ©

Alice’s voice is more than beautiful: it’s easy, light and warm, and when you hear it, it wraps you up and fills you with caresses. She can improvise, she can play with the melody, she has a fabulous musical taste… And she composes and plays violin just as well! A musician I’d like to keep an eye on. She gave loads of handmade visit cards and wrote for me the name of her colleagues WITH AN EYE LINER – they aren’t a proper trio, their magic was briefly put together for this gig. A true artist, with charm and charisma enough to make you dream of her.

Thanks for this jazzy evening guys. It was my pleasure.

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