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I love being optimistic. And it's really easy: you only have to focus on the best things happening in your life. Maybe the best thing is that it isn't raining, but if you feel happy about that, you stay positive for many other things! A friend of mine told me that the trick is not to expect anything. I find that really difficult. But enjoying all the small things that happen to me makes me much happier and allows me to approach anything with a better energy. Some time ago I would have thanked God. Now I thank an undetermined being, energy or I don't know what, that I usually call “Daddy”. Daddy keeps me alive, surrounds me with brilliant good people, and gives me health to go on everyday. And work. I thank Daddy so much for working a lot. Some people would think that having a second job in catering is degrading, since you are serving other people, or that it is too hard, or that it isn't interesting enough, or… negative people will only find the worst part. So I choose to take the best out of it, and think of the friends I make while working there, the cool people I meet, and the amazing places that I have the chance to work at.

Especially that, the spaces where we work are really beautiful and sometimes full of art. In the last week, two shifts have been really special. Not because of the events, nor the buildings, nor the people, but for the works of art that surrounded us. Two of them caught my eye heavily and tricked it, making me enjoy as a baby. The first one was a 3D-moving painting, by Patrick Hughes (I thank the owner for allowing me to film it, respecting his wish to remain uncredited). Hughes' works play with the perspective to the extent of getting you really out of your mind, we set up the bar just in front of it and, since the people in the party couldn't reach the space where the trick is obvious, they all felt crazy about it. Result: since I can't have it at home, how cool it was to enjoy it that evening! Click on the videos if you want to enjoy too.

The second art piece was exhibited at The Photographers Gallery, in London. The author has created it in a way that you have the feeling, for a long while, that the mountain has been growing until it reached the ceiling… and then you realize that mountains aren't trees. The light in it and B/W effect just add to make it an amazing work.

Nicolas Feldmeyer – “After all”, 2012

So, you see: it's all about perspective. Just look for the one that makes everything feel great and makes you happy. Life gets so much better!

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