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Cédric Tiberghien can do anything he wants on a piano, he showed that much last night in his performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. He filled the room with precious sounds, playing with them to create a parallel world for each one of the assistants. The coherent rhapsodic program helped him achieve it, but it was his dominion of all kinds of sound nuances, what turned the concert into a masterclass.

Source of the featured picture - © Benjamin Ealovega

His vision of all three works -and the Debussy encore- was psychologically deep, we could tell that he was honest and generous, not keeping for himself any feeling, doubt or certainty that he had inside. With Liszt’s Années we got peace and reflection; with Symanowski’s Masques, lyricism and complexity; with Ravel’s Miroirs, exuberance and magic. We were privileged spectators, able to travel with this exceptional pianist to parallel realities while staying with him.

Tiberghien is a big virtuoso, but he has much more to offer than that, which made his concert absolutely delightful for our ears. He’s able to play different lines on several acoustic planes, such is his mastership on sound nuances. He dominates the dynamics, with a wide range to pick up from; he’s a master on attacks, with incredible legato arpeggii; he has a perfect sense of rhythm, not easy at all in these pieces… Altogether he has an unbelievable dominion of sound, which allows him to offer a much more complex performance of these delicate pieces, delicious in his version. I will keep good track of you, Monsieur Tiberghien!

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