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Don’t you love it when something unexpected makes you enjoy? This is just what happened to me tonight watching this 2009 movie.

A love story that isn't cheesy, a character fighting to overcome his own condition, a moving script that will make you relate to it if you’re open-minded enough...

I confess that the main theme touches me quite closely: having a cousin and a (current) flatmate with Asperger syndrome, I can totally feel through Adam’s difficulties to blend into society. Mild as this condition can be, they do suffer from feeling different, and they really try hard but get poor results. Understanding them and their particular ways, helps them a lot, and the better the syndrome is known, the easier it is to help them fit.

And what could be better to get to discover it than through this beautiful film? The script maybe exaggerates a little with some traits of the syndrome, but only to make them more evident and funny. We can all see ourselves in situations where we temporarily did something similar, and that makes us give in to Adam’s charms. Beth is a complex character, loving the other as much as she loves herself; she’s my hero for that and for the way she enjoys the little pleasures that Adam can offer her. Nice one, Mr. Mayer!

Oh and just one more wonder: a beautiful soundtrack full of little jewels such as this one by Joshua Radin that caught my ear from the first line…

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