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June 24, 2013

Working behind a bar isn’t as bad as many people think. It allows you to do many things: to flirt with the ones you like, to dance to the music while you work… and to people WATCH with from a really good perspective.

So, last weekend I was behind one of the bars at Fire, the club in London Vauxhall, where lots of people came to enjoy Luciano on the decks. Alright, so in the middle of the night there was this 25 y-o 6’3 all-muscled tan guy, with a perfect 90s hairstyle in a tight crisp white t-shirt which matched the colour of his teeth. Are you thinking of Johnny Bravo? Excellent. That was him, except his hair was brown hair and without shades. So this guy was flirting with a couple of girls, who pretended not to be shaking in front of him. Booze helped.

And then, all of a sudden, the most amazing mating ritual ever happened in front of my eyes. He smiled to one of them, nodding, trying to convince her, who looked at him oddly and then, OH YEAH, BABY, YEAH, he lifted his elbow with his hand behind his neck and OFFERED HIS ARMPIT FOR HER TO SMELL IT. And not happy by doing that once, he did it again for the other girl. The girls’ fake smiles, wide eyes and speechlessness were just as enjoyable as his laughter, pride and feel-good vibes. I loved that moment, and I regreted not to have a Google Glass to hand -even if it still hasn’t been released… but that wasn’t reason enough not to share this amazing image with you!!

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