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I am totally in love with London’s beauty, sometimes hidden and dimmed by the cast skies. But when the sun shines bright there’s nothing comparable to the Thames’ banks.

From Westminster’s to the Tower Bridge are the most amazing views and buildings, most people will say. Well, the biggest concentration of beautiful buildings is there, no doubt. But none of them matches the simple majesty, the impressive harmony, the massive beauty and spectacular strength of the Battersea Power Station.

I won’t get into its history, remarkable facts, future projects or any other stuff. All has already been said.

I will just leave my personal impressions of it in two humble phone pictures. Two moments in my life, in this building’s life, in London’s non-stop life.

Night and day, you are the one. Only you beneath the moon and under the sun. Day and night. Night and day.

(excerpt from Cole Porter’s song)

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