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My friend Eduardo Rubaudonadeu shares today that the below (amazing) picture is the most viewed among all his works. I don't get surprised at all. Ginger is hot, it's sexy, whichever gender, natural gingers are hotter. It's true though that girls are usually better looking than guys, but a handsome ginger lad is at the top of my favourite looks.

I can only say that having that in mind… I came to the right country! Happily enough there are lots of Irish, Welsh and Scottish in London, though maybe I should consider moving further Northwest?

And I know, I know, there are people who say they don't like gingers. That they have pink skin, that they get too many freckles… nonsense. They are just jealous, because they know they are hotter. That's why there's a global conspiracy against them, their plans are clearly shown in this M.I.A. video:

Long life to gingers. Surrounding me, if I can choose.

TUMBLR gallery of ginger girls (18+)

TUMBLR gallery of ginger guys (18+)

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