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HIV. The AIDS agent. Evil. Death. Fear and rejection. This is the perception of most population about this tiny organism – and it is alright as long as it involves the organism and not the PERSON who carries it, someone who deserves just as much respect as anyone else. But this feeling could change from today on, since a big discovery has been done:

What? Are you saying that some children are being injected with HIV to get rid of other illnesses? NO. It doesn’t work like that. The virus helps spreading the genetic mutation to the stem cells outside the child’s body, and then, the uninfected stem cells are injected in the child’s blood stream, slowly fixing the disease. So far it didn’t work with other viruses, but the infectivity of HIV seems to be just perfect for this treatment…

I always thought that all beings in the world had a reason to exist: mosquitos pollinate flowers and are lizards’ meals, further to wake me up on summer nights for instance. So this may be HIV’s reason, its utility for the common good. Until we find a cure for it, let’s congratulate in being able to use it to cure these diseases!

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