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The part I loved most from science was genetics. And it is proving one of the most exciting ones these days. Today a great development in stem cell engineering could give hopes to all those parents who want just the same as any other parents: the best for their kids. For their special kids. Today, down syndrome could have solutions to attenuate the problems that it causes. And it is thanks to genetics. Bless Mendel!

I have a very special angel in my family who is called William, three years old and making great progress through programs that his parents undertake, to help him develop as much as possible all his aptitudes, which are many. He has just recently given his first steps. And if this therapy proves successful, which I wish, he could get much further than any of us could have ever imagined. I feel very thankful to this research team, for focusing on special people with down syndrome. I also thank the US government and academic institutions for creating an environment where, practically and financially, this is possible. And I thank as well any philanthropist who has given support to this research.

So let’s drink and laugh joyfully to the new possibility of silencing the extra chromosome. Give out your joy in such a direct and beautiful way as these special people do. I really hope that they can keep this awesome quality while they get rid of their real problems. Let it be so. Rejoice greatly!

Valentina Guerrero, model of the DC Kids campaign (credits of the picture unknown – source)

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