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June 26, 2013

Ah, Wimbledon! The classic grand slam, sometimes fast, sometimes long, but always full of distinction. In both senses. It’s totally different to any other tournament, even the (few) grass ones. And this edition will surely be remembered.

Two top-five players falling in the first two rounds wouldn’t come as big news, but when those two are the man who won 7 out of the last 10 (only once finalist) and the only one able to beat him (2 titles and 3 finals), that’s a big deal! – and please, ladies and gents in the sport journalism, show some respect to them both, they have completely earned it both inside and outside the courts.

So now there’s only Djoko to revalidate the title… aren’t there too many oponents? This year the grass smells of new names coming up, and I’m really thrilled about it. How far will Stakhovsky and Darcis compete? Will this be Murray’s revenge from last year’s, or will he be unable without his olympic Team GB? Is this David Ferrer’s year to convince us that he finally grew up? Tsonga’s chance? Wawrinka’s? Berdych’s? I would be happy to see any of them in the final this year, as much as I regret not being able to enjoy Rafa and Roger longer in this occasion. The winner, in any case, will be tennis.

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