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July 3, 2013

4 days. 300,000 views. A national newspaper that reports the businesspeople’s outrage. One video. This one:

Ok, it’s not a good video, the lyrics are hardly fitting -the guy could have learnt a little from Meat Loaf, they didn’t bother themselves with rehearsals, and the production hasn’t been taken good care of, further to having chosen a one-year-old hit… Yes, the first impression is a kind of Spanish shame, but ladies and gentlemen in the Sabadell commerce: don’t make the typical mistake of being too egocentric, and learn from the history, even if it’s a very recent one!

1) Fighting any internet hit will only make it bigger.

2) The guy did it with the same dedication and good will as Cecilia.

4) It’s making people talk about a city that, otherwise, would go unnoticed.

Make the most out of it, laugh at and with the video, dance Gangnam style and promote your city, your pool, your businesses and your clubs. Don’t try to take the video away, it will only bring you good things. Amen.

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