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Writer sharing my works, thoughts, performances and lifestyle

Featured Works

I have been writing on and off since I was in my 20s. I am sharing with you some of my early works, with the intention to get stuff published soon also. Most of them are in Spanish, but I have a few in English, Valencian and even one in broken German! If you enjoy what you read, please share the word and feel free to buy me some time to write a bit in the Donate section. Thank you for reading.



My first book, an antology of poetry I wrote in my early 20s. 



A collection of 3 short stories based on something I used to witness in 2007.


Ara que fa vint anys

A poem remembering my mum's passing, 20 years on.


Brot y Kil

Children's tale with an environmental background, written probably around 2003 in Madrid.


Y no sopla esta tarde viento en el lago

Standalone poem written in 2012 in Madrid, for someone who was special to me.


Lo eres

Standalone poem written to him, around 2010.



   The Moon is my mother, the Sun is my powerhouse. I am equally energised by (and attracted to) both of them.

   I try to channel the life and emotions I enjoy from them through many forms of personal expression.

   I feel the most comfortable with written word and sung music, but I have dared to act, model and dance more than a few times. The visual arts keep escaping me as a creator, and I'm at peace with that.

 Original 80s Spanish product, emotional in essence, I was tamed by years of politeness in Britain and Austria; aware of my own prejudices and privileges, I keep learning  about race, gender, ability and environmental issues.

   Attracted to natural and artistic beauty, the thrill of humour, life's complexity, the fight between fear and kindness, and the constant search for love in all the wrong places.

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