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Frances Ha

This is the new expression to say “cool down, man, it’s not like everything has to be perfect!”. If you’re in, those two magic words will bring you lots of laughs and a much more relaxed lifestyle back to your head. Long bearded hipsters in Dalston are already saying it all the time. You don’t follow me? That’s just because you didn’t see this great movie:

And I say it’s great for the humor, the camerawork, the acting, the story… but also from my own experience, ’cause it gives me a great clue to take life easier. To enjoy what I have instead of getting stubborn trying to achieve something else… This is very typical of my enneagram personality type, number One: the Perfectionist. If you’re a One you know you’re never happy with any result unless it was perfect… and we know it never is. So “Frances Ha”! Relax and feel good with the best you get, no need to wait for something perfect, either in work, in love, in health… we all have so many things to be happy about!

And especially if you’re a One, I recommend you a double feature with this other film: Black Swan. It has also dancing as the center of the story, but shows the One personality taken to the extreme, to self destruction! Watch it first and then Frances Ha. Life won’t be the same any more.

So this post isn’t as funny as I intended? Frances Ha!

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