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If you have a kid under 13, you have to see this movie. If you’re about to have a kid or considering that possibility, you need to watch it too.

Maisie is a strong child, a girl who suffers her parents’ fights, who use her as a toy that gives them power.

The story is sad but moving, and it shows us how important is to give children an environment of stability, affection and caring. That is all that matters in the end. Love. Affection. To have the chance to play carefree, because they don’t need to bother about adults’ matters. Children deserve that much, we owe that to them!!

The actors in the movie are brilliant too. Special mention to the youngest Onata Aprile, and those who prepared her for such a great job. Flawless acting. Julianne Moore is unsurprisingly amazing as usual. And the beautiful Alexander Skarsgârd and Joanna Vanderham are so human and honest that you can’t help but feel they’re for real.

Maybe the camera work was worth mentioning. Maybe the sound engineering… I can’t say because I was so deeply caught by the story that I didn’t pay much attention to the rest.

And I repeat: if you have or want to have a kid, watch this movie. Get perspective. Don’t forget love is all!!

Normally I’d have posted the trailer, but I feel it spoils too much!

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